Our company offers a wide range of services
General contractor

SKS Engineering engineering services general contractor performs construction work "turnkey", our specialists will strictly enforce building codes adopted in Russia. Extensive experience in the construction of objects of any complexity allows you to fully meet customer requirements. Choosing a company SKS Engineering, you get high-quality services of general contractor, which controls construction at all stages of work.

Investment Projects Management

Project management - a key service in today's construction business, which allows you to build an optimal structure of the project, allocate the amount and timing of certain types of works, to carry out the calculation of the budget of the construction project and process to carry out advance planning and taking into account the risks, to monitor the progress of the project.

The function of the developer of the customer

The company SKS Engineering has a great experience to perform the functions of the customer-builder. We carry out the design and preparation of construction documents, select contractors and conclude contracts with them to build, develop work plans and monitor their implementation.

Putting into operation

The company SKS Engineering has a professional full service delivery of the object and putting it into operation. We have checks and research facility and an outstanding result for an expert opinion on the readiness of the building or structure for commissioning. In the presence of defects and deviations from design documentation issued an opinion on incomplete readiness of the object for commissioning.

BIM Design

SKS Engineering offers the BIM design of buildings and structures of all types. The design services include: implementation of the general design of the facility in accordance with the technical specifications; data collection and feasibility of the proposed options. Upon completion of work the customer is given the analysis of the documentation.

Construction of industrial and residential projects

SKS Engineering offers construction of industrial and residential projects. Our experts will comply with any terms in the contract of construction. Responsibility for the quality of work is the entire responsibility for our company. Using our services you will be able to optimize the costs and as soon as possible to carry out the commissioning of the finished building.

Technical supervision of construction

Our company carries out technical supervision of construction of buildings and structures, which is aimed at the systematic verification of compliance with the scope, cost and quality of construction and installation work, the approved projects and budgets, building codes and regulations, state standards. We guarantee to deliver the customer from unnecessary expenditures and to carry out the surrender of the object in time.