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In 2007 a team of associates founded SKS Engineering company to make grand-scale and comprehensive projects a reality. Thanks to our best state-of-the-art technologies your ideas will come true. SKS Engineering is an expert in providing a complete package of services in the investment project management in the field of the industrial and civil engineering.


A decision on the establishment of the company, with the functions of management of investment projects in the industrial and civil engineering. Later the company became known as SKS Engineering.

Signed the first contract for the construction of a technical customer and general contractor for the construction of the shopping center.


The contract for the construction of a plant for the production of a group of XPS URSA URALITA.


Updating the park special construction equipment

The contract for the construction of a plant for the production of aerated concrete avtoklanogo capacity of 450.000 m. Cu. year - BONOLIT


Construction of production for the aviation industry (Kimry)


The functions of technical customer to project Glavkino


SKS Engineering together with the Institute of "Proektmashpribor" - involved in investment projects in military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.


SKS Engineering - is involved in several investment projects in mechanical engineering.

Our company is committed to the policy of accurately observing contractual obligations, taking responsibility for the final result, creating mutually confident and honest relations with its customers, partners and sub-contractors, as well as carrying out the most important and high-tech activities by own strength that allows us to successfully accomplish grand-scale building projects on our own and in cooperation with our partners.